Webinar Requests

The Long Term Living Training Institute (LTLTI) can schedule and host a webinar event on behalf of any office/bureau with the Pennsylvania Department of Aging (PDA).

  • To find out more about scheduling a webinar or conference call through LTLTI, please review the WEBINAR CHECKLIST.
  • If you determine that you’d like to schedule a webinar through LTLTI, please complete a WEBINAR REQUEST FORM (auto-fill/auto-submit).
  • After you complete the form, click the ‘SUBMIT FORM’ button located in the lower left corner of the form’s page 2.  This will trigger an email to open/auto-populate; simply click the ‘Send’ button on the email and your request will be delivered to LTLTI’s email ‘inbox’.

Once LTLTI receives your completed webinar request form we will:

  • Contact you with alternate dates if we’re unable to host your webinar on the date/time specified on the form.
  • Contact you if we require additional information to schedule your webinar.
  • Once a date has been confirmed, we will schedule your webinar and you’ll receive a follow-up email that contains WebEx connection information to access your webinar.  This information may be shared with the intended webinar participants.  The email will also contain additional details pertaining to your scheduled webinar.

If you have a any questions prior to submitting a webinar request form, please contact Margot Troutman, LMS Specialist mtroutman@p4a.org.

Thank you!