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Welcome to the Long Term Living Training Institute of Pennsylvania.  Our organization is dedicated to providing the highest quality training and development programs for professionals working within the various fields of human services.  Please feel free to take a look around to learn more about our organization and the educational opportunities we provide.

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The Long Term Living Training Institute strives to accommodate your needs.  Please contact us at 717 541-4214 or email info@ltltrainingpa.org for assistance with your ADA request.

News & Announcements

  1. LTLTI Streaming Video – Managing Difficult Conversations: How to Say Anything to Anyone

    Presented by Jim Rowell, the event will be held Thursday, June 18, 2015, from 1:30-3:00 pm. There is NO FEE, but pre-registration is required. Registration deadline is June 15, 2015.  Please contact P4A at 717 541-4214 to obtain a registration form.

    Dealing with difficult and challenging people, coping with conflict with others, and addressing individuals who hurt us are some of the most daunting tasks we face on a daily basis. We dread these conversations and are often  unprepared to manage the difficulty involved. This workshop will discuss why they are so challenging because if we better understand the root of the problem, we will be more equipped to learn how to have difficult conversations more effectively and confidently.

    This session will also cover four paradigms of communication to support our mindset being in the right place in order to have effective conversations and not be drawn into a variety of pitfalls that lead to frustration and ultimately failure. It will focus on a simple, yet powerfully challenging, three step process to having difficult conversations. It is designed to help us be courageous when going into a conversation so that we have a greater likelihood of a successful outcome.

    People need practical skills to support themselves in handling these types of struggles and they also need hands-on experience. This presentation is designed to provide the specific skills necessary to develop confidence and proficiency in managing difficult conversations.

  2. Pennsylvania Ethics Training Program

    This course describes the basic ethical principles including autonomy (self-determination), beneficence (doing good), non-malfeasance (doing no harm), and justice (fair treatment). It includes examples of how these principles relate to current thinking in health and social service practice. It explains ethical dilemmas and provides a framework for solving them in the situations in which they are likely to arise. This course will help you determine how to work through some of the compromises and challenges in ethical decision making.

    Prepared by the Boston University Center for Aging and Disability Education and Research, you can learn more about this course and how to access it by logging into the LMS.

  3. National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) Course

    Brand new to the LMS!  The National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1993 requires that eligible citizens be given the chance to register to vote when they receive services from specific agencies.  AAAs are identified as one of the agencies that must comply with the NVRA law.

    The Pennsylvania Department of State requires that NVRA procedures training occur every 6 months. Online NVRA training will now be available in the LMS twice a year to comply with the Department of State regulations.  Log into your LMS training account to review this course.

  4. Motivational Quote

    “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
    - Peter Drucker

  5. PCMI Announces 2 New eLearning Programs

    Working with Hoarding Behaviors
    Beat the Odds - Senior Problem Gambling

    Cost effective, powerful, and timely training is now available for two topics for which there has been limited training in the past.  Here are just a few features of these programs:

    • Based on sound, real world, and practice driven approaches;
    • Designed to be completed in short time segments, allowing flexibility in when and how the programs are completed;
    • Interactive in nature with activities to reinforce key concepts and learning;
    • Competency based with quizzes and a final examination.

    To learn more about the program goals, content, and cost, please visit our special announcement page on our website by clicking here.


  6. Options Counseling Training is now available!!

    The PA Link to Aging developed this online training program to augment the skills of those who provide information, referral and education services to people and families with long term care needs who want to understand the full range of options and opportunities.   Sign into the LMS now to take this new course!

  7. Healthy Steps for Older Adults Train-The-Trainer Online Course

    The Pennsylvania Department of Aging is offering a Train-the-Trainer online course as both a pre-requisite to the Healthy Steps Master Trainer Certification and as a resource and refresher course for current HSOA trainers.  This online course contains a complete videotape series related to the popular Healthy Steps program.  They provide refresher lessons for trainers on over seventy exercises taught in the Healthy Steps for Older Adults and Healthy Steps in Motion classes.  These videos provide certified Healthy Steps trainers a range of exercises and stretches that help prevent falls, a leading cause of injury among older adults.

    Enter our Learning Management System to take this course!

  8. Assisted Living Frequently Asked Questions: New document on the PDA/OLTL website

    The PA Department of Aging and Office of Long Term Living have published another assisted living residence frequently asked questions document.

    These questions were posted to the Department during the recent Assisted Living Administrator Orientation Course.  Please refer to the web link to view the questions and responses.

    Click here to access Assisted Living page on PA Dept of Aging Website

    From this web page select ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ to view the new document.  Any questions on assisted living licensure should be directed to 717-772-2570.